Adventure Blob RPG


Adventure Blob RPG Download

To play a free version of ABRPG, you can download it here:

*Note: Links updated 3/5/2009 due to damage.


Are you wondering how to play?  Well here are the basic controls of the game:
Movement: WASD will move you all around where you need to go.  Press <A> to go left, <D> to go right, and press either <W> or <S> to jump.  Easy enough, right?

Talking:  To talk to a fellow blob, just press <Space> nearby when their talk icon pops up above their head.

Inventory:  To access your inventory, press <I> at any time and it will pop up, showing you what items you have acquired.

Shops:  To enter a shop, press <Space> when the icon appears above the door.  Then, to buy an item, hover your mouse over it to get a description and price, then click on it to buy it, if you can.

Hitting colored blocks: One important way to defeat enemies is to drop them into pits.  Small blocks that are colored will dim when touched, and when you've hit them all, the large colored block will disappear.  You can use this to your advantage by catching an unsuspecting enemy wandering around above a pit and watching him fall into a well of no return!
Globs:  Soon, capability will be added that will allow you to shoot globs onto the screen that act differently.  You will shoot using the mouse to aim, and they will stick to nearly any surface they encounter, making different effects depending on the type.  (To help us out with this, please comment on the blog entries with your ideas!)