Adventure Blob RPG


*Basic Fire Enemy

Here we have the basic fire enemy.  This is a walking pile of fire that will run after you and attack you as soon as it see you.  This firey beast hates ice and water, it's only weaknesses.

*Needs a new name.

*Fire Fly

The Fire Fly is a bubbly fire monster that loves to blast blobs with its powerful spikes.  If you get too close, it will spit out white lances that will knock you backward.  This little brute can also fly around, making him tough to hide from.

*Name subject to change.

Lava Golem

The monstrous Lava Golem is quite a force to be reckoned with.  It's large muscular arms are capable of blasting you far distances, making it nearly impossible to get past.  Only with your ice globs will you be able to put down this ferocious ogre.


The Globbo is a small creature with no legs.  It squishes around with it's one eye, constantly in search of food.  Globbo's shoot lasers out of their eye, which you need to be quick and able to avoid if you're going to survive through this temple!

*Basic Forest Enemy

This little gremlin will cause you a lot of trouble in your first temple.  He is a basic enemy who just likes to jump and run at you.  He will punch you and pound you until you break his line of sight with you.  As soon as he can't see you, he'll completely forget why he was ever mad at you!

*Needs a new name.

*Forest Fly

The Forest Fly is an annoying little fiend who will spawn from a pollen-emitting blob that hangs from the ceiling.  If you walk into the pollen floating down, the blob, in self-defense, will spit out a fly that will come and blast small white lances at you, pushing you around mercilessly.

*Name subject to change.


Keep an eye out for this little devil!  The Mout is a small creature that will only come and attack you if disturbed.  It will sit sleeping as a small green mound on the ground, but as soon as you touch it, it will jump up and angrily attack you!  Try to avoid jumping or walking on these little buggers, and you'll be better off.

Imperial Guard

This little villain, the Imperial Guard, is a direct and loyal guardian of Limpeah.  Imperial Guards will attack upon sight, immediately jumping up from their position and raining you with punches until you run away.  Once again, if you break it's line of sight, it will cease it's assault.

*Basic Sand Enemy

Similar to the Forest basic enemy, this is a small little sand monster that attacks on sight.  If you are too far away or behind a hill, it will not be able to see you.  If it does see you, it will jump at you in a frenzy, so try to avoid them!

*Needs a new name.

*Sand Fly

The Sand Fly is the largest of the fly family and is very dangerous.  Just like the other flies, Sand Flies are spawned by  globs that hang from the ceiling and drop pollen.  By passing through the pollen, you trigger the defense system and these monsters emerge.  Avoid the lances that are thrust out in defense by this creature, because it could mean your demise!

*Name subject to change.

Rock Golem

A behemoth of a beast, this savage will punch you and keep you away as good as any of the golem family.  While the Rock Golem is strong, it has a very specific weakness.  It can not jump because of it's massive size.  Use this to your advantage by jumping up a ledge to avoid the roll of punches awaiting you.


The Tyranus is a bull that is always ready for a fight.  If it sees you, it will charge at full speed to knock you out.  An easy way to avoid it's charge is to jump over it's head and watch it careen into  a wall, oblivious to its direction.  The Tyranus are not the brightest of creatures and will run aimlessly into pits, so remember to use this weakness to your advantage!

*Basic Ice Enemy

Just as the Desert and Forest Temple's basic enemies, this Ice enemy is belligerent and angry.  In a frenzy, this annoyance will charge you and punch you, and is very quick to forget about you once it can't see you.  Use this to your advantage by hiding behind a block or a hill and they'll go back to pacing around aimlessly.

*Needs a new name.

*Ice Fly

A product of hanging globs, these nest protectors are very quick to attack and fly around aimlessly if they lose sight of you.  Bursting out lances if you get to close, they are an enemy that is best avoided or defeated.

*Name subject to change.

Ice Golem

A colossus, this barbaric mammoth is not something you want to deal with.  With an unmatched punch, these golems will blast you clear across the screen!  Be wary and avoid these titans as much as possible!  Make sure that you know how you are going to approach an ice golem before you do, because you may experience an ugly surprise!