Adventure Blob RPG


An Adventurous Adventure for the Adventurer Wishing to Venture on an Adventure

Adventure Blob RPG is a work in progress that will include many different types of peaceful entertainment.  Including fun, wholesome graphics, Adventure Blob RPG is a sure-fire hit with  its entertaining levels and great features.  With 5 worlds to play and new graphics and enemies for all of them, you are sure to be kept consistently entertained and excited about this wonderful softbody masterpiece. This game will be for the family and we're going to try to keep it as non-violent as possible! (About as family-safe as that plumber from Nintendo.)  If you have anything that you think would be a great fit in the game or find a problem, please notify us in either the "Contact Us" tab, or in the forum.  Thanks for reading and we hope that you enjoy your stay on the official Adventure Blob RPG website!


This was a bit of a pickle I put myself into, wanting to see how many of these little buggers I could make!  You won't end up seeing this many in the game, unless you decide to hang out underneath the spawners!  Make sure you try to avoid the tell-tale dust floating down which will let you know that flies will spawn there.

Forest Builder!

A new glob has been created recently that allows you to shoot out a root that will grow a tree that you can walk on.  We've got a lot of work to do, including making a more impressive animation with better graphics, but this is just a taste of what is to come from these globs!

Main Menu Works!

Here's a picture of our current main menu, with a temporary texture of Earth as the planet.  We've got to do a bit of work, but so far we've got a basic engine complete.

When Globbos Attack!

These devilish orange lava fellows love to attack you with their beaming eyes.  You have to watch out, or else you'll see your blobby little self burned to a crisp!